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  1. What is better for the fleet?

    Never not split your guns
  2. Intro

    Sounds good... Have fun and make tons of ISK 🙂
  3. Intro

    ^ and upgrade your stuff
  4. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Why prop mods for VGs though? In HS atleast
  5. WTM Rattlesnake

    As Niki said, keep the shak
  6. Leshak/ Rattlesnake

    Market price? Though I'll need a couple of days since I'm on a holiday
  7. Leshak/ Rattlesnake

    Leshak without rigs price I might be interested in
  8. Returning up to speed.

    Thanks for LC'ing today. you did a good job all things considered. hope to see more of you in fleets
  9. Logi School

    Logi School!!! on June 30th at 1600 EVE Time See you there Mask