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  1. You were banned from fleet...

    Hi just wondering WTM, what was the reason for banning me from flying as a pilot? What is the justification? Are you going to start banning all line pilots from flying with anyone else than WTM?
  2. Tip Jar For Logi?

    As someone that pilots everything, i disagree. Yes the skill queue is longer than a potato newbro DPS/Sniper it is about the same as a non meta4 DPS/Sniper. It certainly is not longer than a maxed out DPS/Sniper, There are few skills logi needs to be considered optimal, maxed. I agree with monkey, everyone in fleet has his roles. Every ship in fleet also has it's advantages and disadvantages, it's whatever you prefer. Also logi ships are way cheaper. (not talking about starter ships)
  3. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    The praxis seems like a good ship for newbro's, they have omega, but maybe not the isk to get into incursions, that ship, from what i've tried with it fitting wise, seems to be better than most starter ships.