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  1. Couple more questions

    I've been planning on starting incursions now for a week but I keep putting it off to make sure I have everything set up perfect for when I start. I only have two things left and I think I'm ready. I have read that I will get the TS3 server information when I enter the X-up tool. Is there anyway I could get the TS server information ahead of time to verify I have it set up correctly? I'm worried I will have to deal with settings and other various shenanigans when I first join and trying to get TS3 to work will just be one more thing on the pile. How do I filter out fleet members from my overview? I will have access to the fleet members I need through my watch list but I need to be able to see just the enemies when we are fighting. Thanks in advance
  2. Nightmare fitting and use questions

    Thanks for the help guys. Its exactly what I needed.
  3. I purchased a nightmare to start running incursions with and I followed the minimum nightmare fitting exactly. I have some questions though. #1 I purchased all the crystals on the fit but as I am not experienced with using lasers I was wondering if someone could explain what crystals I should be using in which situations in incursions. #2 I purchased the cap transmitter as per the fit and after doing some reading I see that while not required it is nice to find a buddy to use this on. How exactly does the cap transfer work? Does it just transfer my capacitor to him 1 for 1 or does it give him more than it takes from me? Also what is the procedure for finding a buddy to do this with? I would imagine just locking someone up to use it on without saying anything first would be bad form. #3 I purchased a full set of tracking and range scripts for the 3 tracking computers. In incursions which one should I use when? Sorry for all the questions, but I figure its better to ask on the forums ahead of time then asking in chat when things are shooting at us. =P
  4. Broadcast question

    Ok, that was the key piece of information I needed. So keep getting shield reps until I see another yellow box, then broadcast in position, but still keep an eye on shield health, and if I start taking damage broadcast for shields again.
  5. Broadcast question

    "redbox -> 2nd yellowbox (no redbox remains): broadcast in position" Because yellowbox with no red box means they are targeting someone else. Gotcha.
  6. Broadcast question

    Ok i think I have it figured out. Its one of those things I've seen a thousand times but I never stopped and paid attention. Blinking yellow means you are being targeted so you broadcast for shields, and you don't do anything when it goes from yellow to red because you are still targeted, When the red brackets go away you broadcast in position. If you get yellow boxed again you would again broadcast for shields. Correct?
  7. Broadcast question

    I am about to start doing incursions with you guys, and after reading the new player guide I have a question about broadcasts. It says in the guide that when a Sansha yellow boxes you that it is targeting you and that you are supposed to broadcast for shields. It goes on to say that when it red boxes, and then yellow boxes you know longer have aggression and should broadcast in position. So do I broadcast for shield only when a Sansha yellow boxes me the first time? Is it possible for a Sansha to aggro me once, switch target, and then switch back to me, in which case I should broadcast for shield again? I'm spending a butt ton of money on the ship I'll be bringing and I'm worried I'm going to do something wrong and lose it. Any help or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help!