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  1. Overwatch , Diablo 3 and HotS

    I play Diablo3. Season 17, wheee. Necro at the moment.
  2. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Nicely written guide, very helpful. As this is going to get thrown at LPs, maybe a section on appropriate implants?
  3. Lotus' Kitchen Sink

  4. Lotus' Kitchen Sink

    Looks good. Just fit a firework launcher in the open high slot and bring some sprinkles for the cake.
  5. Lotus' Kitchen Sink

    23 March 2019 @ 08h00 - DT
  6. Lotus' Kitchen Sink

    Come one, come all. Saturday : 08h00 - DT Funfleet : Theme "Have Fun." Bring whatever the fuck you want to, so long as it makes tank. Tip the logi*, average 1 mil per logi per site. *They need tips, they are flying regular fits, keeping your snowflake alive.
  7. Alphanumeric Juxtaposition (Lotus' Fun Fleet)

    Crap. Fucking sod are making me work overtime. Sorry, event cancelled.
  8. Alphanumeric Juxtaposition Saturday 16 Feb 2019 from 07h30 till Downtime. Battleships please fit the 'other' guns, switching your battleship's wing and anchor, and now shooting numbers if you shot letters and vice versa. Machariel : Refit with 800mm Repeating Cannon II (Meta 4 : Dual 650mm 'Scout' Repeating Cannon I) Vindi : Refit to 425mm Railgun II (Meta 4 : 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun) Nightmare : Refit to Mega Pulse Laser II (Meta 4 : Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I) This is a basic refit, but if you want to tweak your fit further please make sure your battleship still makes tank requirements ( <70 resists, <100k EHP before boost) Logistics Pilots : Sorry, but we're gonna need you guys in regular fits to keep this lot alive. Everyone : YOU STILL DON'T SHOOT "J'
  9. Together in the Abyss

    Hmmmm. Have made blood offerings. Guess it's time to fleet up and make more ISK to get a new holeship.
  10. Together in the Abyss

    So, having fun with the Abyss. Join IG chat channel "Abyssal Mystics" and chat with other Abyss minded WTM pilots.
  11. Fun Fleet!

    Out of Praxii error. I'll bring my Info boost Drake
  12. Colelie Citadel

    I like having a dockup in the HQ system. It makes joining the fleet from a safe logoff spot much quicker. It's also good to have a *trusted* citadel for post-overheat reps. A market module would be nice, but it's not even essential. If a system has no market but it's too close to a trade hub, I would suggest a simple marketless Raitaru. I would also like to suggest a 'playful' naming convention : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_spacecraft_in_the_Culture_series#Naming. eg : Coelie - WTM - Contents May Differ Just an idea.
  13. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    So, the Praxis lands tomorrow. I'll have a spare one to play with, so how about we get a fun fleet going next Sunday, with 39 Praxis and a FC inna Claymore. I am not that FC, and do not have a specific FC in mind, if a FC wants to volunteer, please do. The purpose of this thread to to play with Praxis fits, to see if we can get a viable fleet, and if we get enough people interested. Maybe we end up doing a few assaults, but it could be fun.
  14. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    When the roles are tagged, it's sometimes useful. you have a visual cue as to where your anchor is relative to you.