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    Hm, I could fly (and afford) the Vindicator "Minimum" fit when I exchange the Neutron Blaster II cannons to the meta 4 cannons "Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I" According to PYFA it has, with my skills, an EHP of 106000 and DPS/alpha of 1015/4482 without the drones. If that is sufficient I will go and equip that ship.
  2. New Bro

    Niki, thank you, well I heard you speaking yesterday night - I logged into TS and listened to the fleet while doing other things - just to get a bit aware of how it goes - which terms are used etc. Your English was quite clear to me :-) It will take about 3 weeks for me to be in state in the Vindi which I consider as usable, mostly due to the 16+ d to get to Large Hybrid Turrets 5 - so until then I will fly the Apocalypse.
  3. New Bro

    Hi Guys and Girls, I had the pleasure to fly 2 times already with you and I want to introduce myself here. I am playing around one year with several alts and I have done mainly mission running and some WH exploration. With this alt I am able to fly an Apocalypse Navy Issue with the fit I found on the WTM fitting page. I am training up to a Vindicator, but It will take some more weeks to have it in a usable state. I have noticed that, though I ever thought that my English is acceptable, I have some issues to understand everything, I even miss my name called out by the FC... (This goes especially to you British English guys and girls :-) ... ), so I beg your mercy If I ever blow up a fleet because of this. In RL I am a (meanwhile retired) It administrator of age 66. (This can also add bit of deafness to my english understanding...) Meanwhile I hope to meet you in game to push back the Sansha to where they do belong. Greetings, Bachet Deka