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  1. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Well, it turns out that Drones are a 'long pole' in the training (for T2 lights & medium, i.e. the cheap disposable kind). I went to prioritize the remaining skills and discovered that light T2 drones took 20 days as an Alpha. I just bought some factions then, and moved on. I lose about 3 T2 heavies per focus, so I prefer cheap. I finished the basic 'wear the ship' skills a couple days ago, and looked at survivability and cap drain, tuning up weapon damage etc. Then CCP offered the 'free ships' bribe, and I planned out all the useful Alpha skills (another 69 days worth!) and went Omega. It appears once again that attempting to get to Incursions purely as a free Alpha is inefficient, I'm now looking at over 5M SP to have what I consider a survivable/useful ship to earn isk. You might think Alpha Injectors!, the daily blue pill...but they are only worth 50k SP and something such as Large Projectile IV is 186k SP. That's 4 Alpha Injectors, takes 4 days..and only 3.5 days to train as Omega (no implants). Bottom line is that if you carefully plan out Alpha only skills and modules for a MM sniper, or one of the DPS ships, and then go Omega for 3 months using only that skill plan, you can drop down to Alpha status and still earn isk to support whatever other isk-draining habits you've got. I made an Nightmare attempt on another alpha, but there is some roadblock on that path that stopped me. I thank Warp to Me for offering these wonderful chances to explore incursion fits and means, and still shudder at the thought of the TVP straitjacket method
  2. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Well, a month or so into this experiment, and the needed SP keeps growing. I'm at the point where I can start checking the resists/EHP question, and I found that the EHP was low and needed some extra shield training time, plus EM Shield Comp is going to be needed to push over 70% resists. The final SP estimate is now 2.5M+ SP, and there is the issue of drone control range (you do want them back right?); drones are limited to 45km control range by alpha skill limits - but I happened to see an offer for a TFI Incursion ship and took that, so 2 extra highs mean I can control about out to the limit I can hit. I now expect the final required SP to be about 3M, in order to meet fit reqs, incursion reqs, survivability and be somewhat enjoyable to play. With EVEMon, it costs a couple hours a week to play with this 'exercise' One point I'm stuck on, is what drones to load? So I've left that for last, need to get the ship working first. Are light drones the best for a sniper ship? In my Vindy, to me, it's clear that tower bashing is the big job, so cheap Ogres, but as DDD I really like the supplied light drones....
  3. coming FLEET changes

    Actually, checking the rules, it seems that if you shoot your cap buddy, your safety wasn't Green.
  4. coming FLEET changes

    Actually, it seems that getting CCP to include 'not purple' in the Green Security check might stop this. I will take your example of the auto-target switch to a post on LIttle Things and see what happens.
  5. coming FLEET changes

    I point at the 'maybe' not being aNM pilot, but seeing the result of the error. Perhaps a different class of targets for repping is needed. purple is a step in the right direction
  6. coming FLEET changes

    Well, if you'd been on the Test Server more often, you'd know that it is common for CCP announce a plan, and then a mess appears in the next server update. Currently, the Overview gets whacked every logoff, Local count is a running sum - with double entries just to keep you alert. There are others mentioned in CCPs Test Forum. There was a recent mirror about a week ago, the email confirmation if you haven't been to Singularity before, so it's simple. the big problem on SISI is that other than the combat areas, it is a lonely place - making fleet testing difficult.
  7. coming FLEET changes

    START DEV POST Next time we update Singularity, we’ll have a number of new little things/quality of life changes that we’d like your help with testing Many of those changes were suggested and requested by you guys, in our "little things” and various other channels. Please feel free to head over to that thread to suggest your own little things idea, but if you have comments on the changes introduced here, please post them here Color coding in Fleet watchlist window Targeting bracket on Fleet mates is purple (the fleet color) rather than yellow Text for broadcasts for reps now include what ship type the broadcast came from Fleet tags are now displayed on the targets in the target bar It’s now possible to remove a Fleet tags (from whatever was tagged before) END DEV POST---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- maybe no more Concord visits for shooting your cap buddy Getting on Singularity is simple, change the dropbox box for the server selection, and perhaps go thru an email verification New mirror made past Sunday, and don't forget 2M SP per Mass Test carries over into next mirror (so you start with an extra 10-12M SP to spend). Nullsec Incursion testing? Nearly everything but (most) faction modules costs 100 isk, so overbling is possible (you use /copyships to copy over your really blingy ship). Last mirror I hunted down optimum vindy from nullsec markets, probably could go officer for the
  8. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    I've been looking at this today, using a fresh alpha and EveMon. To merely 'wear' the stepping stone malestrom (meta4 arty) is 40 days with optimized attributes, per the training plan of EveMon. HOWEVER, the timing is bugged, as the actual skill training time is twice as long as calculated. So, 80days as an alpha, just to save the price of a good lunch, or two to a movie. It can be done, that is wear the shipfit, for just under 2million SP - but important details such as EHP and resists, are unknown at the moment. Sure you can buy the time, via 4 skill injectors, the price of a 2 month subscription. Seems blockhead, spend more money as an alpha than simply getting it done as Omega. Since I don't understand how Daily Alpha bluepots work past the 5 million SP limit for Alphas, and I know that Omega skills 'disappear' when dropping down to Alpha pilot, I tend to think this whole thread is mainly an 'exercise for the student'. I think I'd check the age and ship scan anyone claiming to be alpha incursion.
  9. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    THANKS look forward to trying again