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  1. A few Logi questions.

    A huge thank you to Ademiri, the logi team, fcs and the WTM fleet today for showing me the ropes. Had tremendous fun and learned a ton about fleets and how to space priest!
  2. A few Logi questions.

    Awesome, thanks for taking the time on those questions. Got both Logi IV fits purchased and will brush up on the Logi guide to get set up for next week!
  3. A few Logi questions.

    Good afternoon. The other day I chanced across the Crossing Zebras podcast featuring Incursions and one point in particular resonated with me: want to learn how to fly logistics? Incursions are literally the best place to do so. I pleasantly discovered that one of my characters was quite close to logi minimum requirements, 5 days of to be exact (looking at you advanced drone avionics). Then it would be onto Logi Cruiser V and a few other Vs to hit maximum. In my research so far I can’t tell if there is a preference between the scimitar and the basilisk? Also, implant wise for Logi is a good start Genolutions with +5% across the remainder of slots prioritizing capacitor? Or is a reduction in sig radius a better idea? last question to start. The in game logi channel mentions that there is sometimes training for logi, is that the case or is it more likely to just jump in? Thsnks in advance!