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  1. Low sec incursions

    Hello! Why WTM does no fly in incursions low sec? Here is a large community and many pilots. There's nothing complicated and dangerous. The sites is same(!!!). Realy. The main differences: a fleet of up to 60 pilots HQ (VG up to 15). Reward Hq 45kk isk. It's easy with ordinary t3 ships (t2 fit, not afraid to lose 400-600kk, this is profit for 1 evening) + logi (maybe t3 logi) I flew a few years with a low, pvp fights are very rare, almost no one wants pvp with the fleet of 60 people with logists, no bubbles, cyno in low incursion can not. Now in low the Russian community flies there, they have no competition, make many isks (60-70% of fleets - drone ishtar, 2-7 accounts per person), they feel like owners lowsec incursion (pvp on dest they are prohibited by leadership, only defense). 90% of pilots do not have pvp skills (f1 monkey). Movements along the low sec are not dangerous if use is a covert cloack or cloack+mwd, and there are often wormholes when low is deep. Almost in any system there is a free port or station. ps. Many pilots from the Russian community (uroborus) can go to WTM (including me, sorry for my english). Because now there is simply no alternative. And their leader is a boorish person. Because they thinks they has a monopoly. It is not right. Its reach and good space. for all. Just need to take the first step and try it. Any brave FC?