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  1. Optimal Fleet

    On Sept 22 Friday Focus willing i will be hosting a Optimal Fleet to end our Equinox giveaway week. Form up is 23:30 UTC and start up is 00:00 UTC with the goal of running for 2-3 hours. Marauders and vindys will have Priority yes Optimal armor ships from tla/tdf/top also long as i have a nester and or booster. Non Optimal hulls i will make a few slots for u also. Come out for fun and drinks Bring your best ship and drugs and lets rock it
  2. Teirpa's Birthday Bash

    GREETINGS WTM NGA TLA TOP TDF Everyone is Welcome .I Mr teirpa turn 34 on Aug 23 and i decided Lets all have some fun So for this FUN fleet it will be frigates and up and higher No orcas/freighters please keep it to frigates and higher. - Rules all Battleships must meet wtm shield tank or tdf/tla/top armor tank if we have nesters , Battle crusiers must fit least 1tech 2 or better DCU and thats it for tank if they wish Side note T3 crusiers i want least 1 t2 or better DCU and one mult harder shield tech 2 or better And 1 dcu 1 eham arnor omi thing if armor . So unless life happens I Plan to start after 530 pm west coast till to 730 pm or 00:30 until 0230 UTC . Come fly for a few hours of FUN and drinks Forming begins at 00:)0 utc. And remember all logi must be official fits nester can be shield fit to wtm tank rules or be armor under tdf/tla/top rules. Armor boats may Come long as i have nester/booster. <3 Focus willing also
  3. Any Paradox Games players here?

    sadly jaden i ain't gone past mega corp money issues but i have star wars mods for it and wow its a good mod i even have starbase mods casue vanilla stations suck only 6 slots eww
  4. Any Paradox Games players here?

    I have most of those games Also huge Stellaris geek vanilla or modded which is better I also have surviving mars but ya I play a lot of there games,
  5. Juan Carlos Minjita

    @Juan Carlos Minjitahes so cute good job my man. Best wishes to you and kitty and Leo WTM let's show this man our love and surrport for a dam good man and a proud member of our community I will be having a drink to jack later today . Also welcome our newest t badge =)