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  1. badges

    right there buddy
  2. How do i get badges ?

    you may be able to get a couple but some will require omega status
  3. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    Nestors make very bad shield incursion ships and that is why you won't find a fit for them on our website (Yes you could throw isk at it and make one meet requirements but it is not a good investment) So a Nightmare please.
  4. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    With the new changes in the last patch this might not even need to go any further with experimanting
  5. While it is suggested, It is Not mandatory this is due to the nature of our community being very accepting of very new bro or a little snowflakey, IE they might not have the skills for them or they might choose to put something else in the slots like remote reps or a tractor beam. Sugesting OK Demanding Not OK
  6. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    it was just a experiment, to see if it helped people i'll continue the experiment at somepoint. Bruce i think your the only one that does
  7. You and Wardec's

    Hello WTM Friends Due to the larger than average number of ships being lost by our line pilots to wardecs, we are looking at introducing some changes. Effective immediately, any FC running fleet will have the option to refuse ANY line pilots with an active wardec. Previously, any DPS/Snipers could fly under wardec, with logi never being accepted. Please please please check your corporation and make sure you are not wardecced before ou x-up. If you are flying under a wardec we ask that you make this information known to the fc when joining so that they may make a decision. Thank you all for your understanding, and fly safe o7
  8. badges post what you have on ts here as you get it on ts and then it will be added eventully
  9. New Skill Guide and ship progress

    so our fitting website has currently accepted ships and suggested fit on it, however it's currently under going a update. Including a path to follow so please allow us to complete this before you hurry to go any further, If you wish to have a chat ingame please let me know i'll be about. we don't accept standard ravens and have not for a long time.
  10. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    add a extra 2 snipers and you can, you just have to get them going on them sniper tags stright away while the dps sort out mara's and vylades
  11. Discord?

    well tbh i've not looked at it for 4months so they could of improved but like i said TS suits our needs right now
  12. Discord?

    For VOIP, I hope not it does not handle larger groups of people very well. and the hierarchy is dismal and you can't add things like badges last time i checked Teamspeak meets our requirements currently i can't see us moving from it.
  13. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    7 scimi's with 3 links 1 2/4 basi and resebo 7 nightmares in a cap chain with basi, ab fit 1 nightmare with tractor beam mwd fit 1 booster 22 vindicators with drone damage amps 1 vindicator with tracking enhancers
  14. Trouble with joining fleet (permissions)

    yeah your part of "test allaince please ignore" they were banned a long time ago, Please send a mail to leadership (skyler scar, kimina Tanai or beryl slanjava) about a exemption for your self or you could create a second account and use that to fly incursions
  15. other games???

    War Thunder Company of Heroes Civilization X com Total War: Warhammer Shadow Run D&D paper and roll 20