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  1. Fun Fleet!

    doing a null incursion..... with shiney ships with a panther on standby to jump bridge the fleet out .... ..... expensive as hell..... and risky as hell ...... i thought that was called fun
  2. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    that video has got to be the gayest ive seen in years .... lol
  3. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    I cant confirm nor deny that ive been to a few shit holes over the years ....
  4. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    What if they are basicaly a maxed skill player 15km base with leadership 5, wing command 5 and fleet command 5 that would enable boosters to be under 65km away from VVV if they were using a command ship. Only going off the formula never actually seen it action yet apolgies i cant get this to line up from uniwiki Ship bonus Base Leadership skill Wing Command skill Fleet Command skill Command Ships (+100% range) 15km 32.1km 34.2km 36.3km 38.4km 40.5km 42.9km 45.4km 47.8km 50.2km 53.0km 55.3km 58.0km 60.6km 63.0km 65.8km
  5. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    So really never have the Booster as the DDD/HHH then it makes sense.... What does the fleet booster do .on its .... secondary roles
  6. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    I was wondering why would you say EOS would be a bad DDD. All the Boosters lose some high slots for the cmd boosters so effectively making them the DDD or HHH , wouldnt that increase their damage? Read quite a few sites on the topic of fleet boosters and the occasional comment comes up ... doing incursions wit the booster as DDD/HHH is ok .....
  7. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Fleet Boosters below ... any thoughts EOS ... 3% bonus to Armored Command and Skirmish Command burst which can double up as ur DDD as it gives bonus 7.5% bonus to Heavy Drone max velocity and tracking speed 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount claymore 3% bonus to Shield Command and Skirmish Command burst 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount nitehawk hich gives 3% bonus to Shield Command and Information Command 4% bonus to all shield resistances slepnir 3% bonus to Shield Command and Skirmish Command 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount
  8. Broadcast question

    in any site as soon as u are yellow boxed you broadcast for reps..... on the harder TRTC nes you will be neuted jammed scrammed and webbed you cant wait for the red to come up as the sasha BS will be pounding ur shields.... it most lickely be red for the duration..... on most cases .... as the fleet bring thes spawn down... u will have time to ask for reps ..... its just that intial point when everybody has warped in or ... a spawn jumps in.... its the time when the Aggro is at its highest......
  9. badges

    ahhhh it wasnt like urgent thanks for the responce
  10. badges

    how do you get the badges to show on the forums? anybody
  11. Low sec incursions

    Hi Its prob an idea that is been thought about but ... low sec alliances sometimes dont like groups coming in without a payment to use low sec space. white sky in genesis charge fees and their players might still target you even if u have a no shoot policy. Lots of gankers are out to kill miners and pve groups as ur fit isnt what i call a combat fit. If you move in low sec there are more gate camps and pinch points between high and low. you will need to get mods at fraction type in major hubs and the risk to fly to them from low is greater sorry to bust a bubble there are alot of mechanics where the risk overall is not worth it. New to wtm incursions but ive been about in eveonline a bit...
  12. New To WTM

    Having been in a few fleets i can see why some players find it hard to keep up i have come from a pvp and pve corp environment where comms is essential fc commands are done Exactly when asked and no questioning i was told i was out the group the other night but it was because vvv anchor was in different position than normal. Maybe we were out of range of logi or something else. the fleets are fast and tags change so multi boxers are not welcomed unless the management wants it. one fc was doing aligns and then warps others were expected to know the flow just comes from experience i had a great time and will continue to sign up so i can get out this starter BS as my clone Is now nearly tge same as the ship and fittings lol at t2
  13. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    Ahhh i understand now
  14. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    I thought the same only thing about private corps is they get war decced at some point and the npc corps are safer
  15. New To WTM

    Yes thank you seen the fitting part of the site. its the pith c type module just cant afford for the standard BS fittings got the t2