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  1. Ammo and Nanite Paste amounts

    OK, thanks for this reply. I'm coming in a Mael hopefully to the next HS spawn. I'm hoping 200 units of paste will get me through say six hours of play (with all relevant skills at 3 only). Is that unrealistic do you think? 6hrs of shooting sounds OK! I will bring more ammo just in case as more is always good, right. I suspect my wife's patience will run out before my ammo and a Kundalini Manifest will spawn in my house but I might get lucky.
  2. Ammo and Nanite Paste amounts

    Heh, OK, cheers, I will bring what I can manage!
  3. Ammo and Nanite Paste amounts

    Thank you for the reply.
  4. Hi guys Back with another question: In the Ship Fits the amount of ammo / paste to bring is shown as 1337. If I bring 10,000 Republic EMP L (I can't use Quake just yet) and 200 Nanite Paste will that likely be sufficient? cheers
  5. skill plan

    Great! Thanks to all who responded. I will queue up Drone Sharpshooter IV. (It's a short-ish queue for Mael, a bit longer for Mach and a lot longer for NM). Hope to see you in fleet at some stage.
  6. skill plan

    Hi all - a couple of question on these skill plans as I am hoping to get into incursions with you guys at some point soon-ish. 1. In both the Minimum & Optimal Mach plans, Minmatar BS and Gallente BS are only shown at lvl I - is this right? Especially as your Mael stepping stone plan has Minnie BS at 3. 2. Drone Sharpshooting is shown as required/suggested to be trained to 4. Given all the relevant Mach fits use Light/Medium drones is this necessary? Or does it affect Light Armor Maintenance drones in some way? (I've always thought that skill was for Sentries really, please correct me if I've got that wrong) Thank you to the author of the skill plan guide as it is very useful. I know they are suggested plans. Just want to make sure I am training what is wanted and understand it properly.