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  2. Incursion Leshak

    Doesn't answer the question of rigs. If he is running those invulns and lse a dc2 and t2 rigs 1xEM 2x CDFE he just hits 100k EHP. He still shouldn't be hitting armor unless he doesn't have shield rigs. The only time a leshak is really going to pull aggro is a TCRC tower bash and we don't do those under high influence anyway and it still has more tank that starter ships that require a LSE at all times and dont change for influence.
  3. Incursion Leshak

    Ok Niki next time I manage to fly with you as FC i'll bring the leshak and prove you wrong. For tank the numbers don't lie, for damage the numbers can be skewed due to application.
  4. Incursion Leshak

    Skills actually have very little to do with HP. For shields it's legit 1 skill Shield management which if your training into a ship like the leshak for incursions one would hope you have it trained to V as it's only a 3x skill and you probably don't want it to blow up. Possibly EM shield comp if you are running a passive EM Mid but that's not fittable on the leshak. Hull upgrades for armor HP which for the most part should be trained to 4/5 as 4 is required for a DC2(technically you could bypass this with a storyline 'radical' or faction) and Mechanics for hull HP which require's level 4 for nanite operation. Though being a shield community I really think the different in armor/hull hp is somewhat negligible as we should be trying to keep people in their primary tank not below it. When I first flew my leshak(fun fleet) at times it felt slightly squishy but monday it didn't feel squishy at all. Admittedly I have the absolute max possible tank on it without going purple(dual a types, faction dcu, t2 rigs and genos). I really think the determining factor for how squishy something feels is how on point logi are that day. I don't know scruffy's fit off hand, but the only variance would be if he was running t1 rigs, or was running weird rigs(does he fly with TDF could he be armor rigged?)
  5. Incursion Leshak

    Look at the influence guide 2 invuls + LSE = tanked for influence. Just like starter ships, just like minimum fit marauders. @Juan Carlos Minjita No matter what to attempt to spool they shouldn't fire in order. Which i don't necessarily see as a terrible thing unless it become leshakathon 2019. Yes we shoot in order to DPS tank things, though that still ends up with weapons downtime between targets as all the f1 monkeys scramble to press f1 again, really good dps pilots know to switch targets just before it's dead to not waste time(like the ships somewhere below 30-40% hull you know it's about to pop. Just like staggering reps, staggering DPS works as well. Sniper tags was just a thought I had monday after being unable to effectively pull aggro from vindis and crunching some numbers. It seems much more attainable to spool above sniper DPS then Vindi DPS, while still offering the benefit of super tower bashing power. Cap stability isn't an issue unless it's running remote reps. 7 minutes cap life with a core x on 61% stable off. If it's viable as a sniper, could it be something to cap buddy with nightmare's sure. We all know nightmare's are always looking for cap buddies. Their tank isn't in question. They survive just fine, the numbers don't lie there. Optimal Vindi 10.9k shield HP 19.2k shield EHP invulns off 52.6k shield EHP invulns on 20.3k armor EHP 32.6k hull EHP Leshak(dual b types t2 dcu, t2 EM rig, 2x t2 CDFE's) - you need t2 cdfe's to run dual b type fit 11.2k shield HP 20.2k shield EHP invulns off 54.6k shield EHP invulns on 22.9k armor EHP 24.9k hull EHP
  6. Incursion Leshak

    While that's still to be determined the main problem I see is if the ship gets treated like a marauder by most people and ends up that someone brings one here or there it wouldn't be an issue, and they can do their snowflake things with it to try and maximize it's effectiveness. But it's CCP's latest and greatest shiny new toy with unheard of potential DPS and everyone will want in on the action at which point spooling will most likely not happen in any reasonable amount and you essentially end up with a bunch of leshaks doing no more damage then Hyperions unless it's a towerbash. Also not to mention the Ammo is expensive 1-2x(depend on ship/ gun count) more expensive then faction hybrid ammo, 7-8x more expensive then T2 hybrid ammo and from all 5 skills it looks like it's going to burn ammo faster as well.
  7. Incursion Leshak

    Think of it this way. Just like any product rollout there is alpha testing, there is beta testing and there is the release. In this situation we are essentially in Alpha testing, a select few will run the ship explore it's viability, the data will be reviewed by the rest of the commander community if it looks viable, perhaps then it will move to closed or open beta testing. Alpha testing is usually done under strict control and always done in house. In this instance in house means part of the WTM command core, the strict control narrows it down to vetted full badge commanders who will explore compile an assess data.
  8. Incursion Leshak

    @Dindil As of currently no Leshaks are not allowed by anyone aside from 3 people who have the ability to fly whatever they want because they founded the community, that would be Sparta, Canyon and Scruffy. The only one of those three you will ever see in a Leshak is Scruffy or one of his alts. If there is another pilot in a Leshak it would be a full badge commander who has made a case for their potential viability to our FC Department branch head and they are flying the ship to collect data for hard proof that it's viable. As of right now the only person who falls under that category is me. In the past when Leshaks were first released Celina Knop was also doing some testing, but there were some concerns as to how it would be piloted and the testing was halted.
  9. Incursion Leshak

    Wrecking shots on towers for those 27-30k hits are very rare. On average hits were 8-13k only once spooled up which is on par with a Vindicator.
  10. Incursion Leshak

    Weird yea tracking was up too, pyfa shows it at like 6.82 ingame i was a little over 11. Though i feel like when i was in station and checking again it was back to normal. I don't feel like it was a display glitch cause I started firing at 31k vs 27k and pretty sure I was hitting.
  11. Incursion Leshak

    @Miranda Barstow Yes the leshak has high paper dps, it's applied dps isn't terrible it's not a max skilled void vindi right out of the gate, but it does have better range, 27k with tracking enhancers and occult, 67k with mystic. It has high slot utility like a marauder. It isn't slow with a core-x it goes 1360 a core-x vindi goes 1202. @Charlemagne III While it's slot lay out is set up for armor tank, It's not really any less tanky then a Vindi or Marauder with bling fits. I mean hell technically Gallente ships are Armor tank not shield. The only variance is the Leshak does require a LSE and 2 Core Defense Field extenders to get that shield buffer the Vindi does not. Otherwise the resist profile's are identical and the Leshak can have better EM resists due to having the calibration to run a T2 EM Rig. Because there are not any leshak damage rigs, there isn't really any other great option for rigs aside from tank rigs. Vindi(Bling Fit) HP 10.9k shield EHP 59.2k shield Leshak(t1 CDFE) HP 10.3k shield EHP 56.5k shield Leshak (t2 CDFE) HP 11.2k shield EHP 61.6k shield It falls short because you basically need precursor battleship to V and a RF-906 implant to maximize it's spool time to apply damage. Switching targets sucks, getting jammed sucks. If they were an allowed ship do I think we would see a ton of them, maybe maybe not, when they realize their not pulling aggro from vindi's like they thought they would pilots may tire of them. Can it be an issue having to many of them in fleet yes, do I think that will really be an issue, no, it's like how many golems are showing up? 1-2 golems cool for super paints more then that useless. Juan has given me the ability to test mine that I built for Imelda's fun fleet just to see if it's viable, will only fly it if I'm around amarr as I leave it there. I flew it for a couple sites yesterday and I was sad that I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I would only pull aggro at the end of TCRC tower bashes, it was essentially useless in a nrf aside from switching to mystic and hitting sniper targets. I don't think it will ever really be viable if it followed DPS tags in order. I was actually thinking it might be viable as a sniper that switches to occult for tower bashes. Mystic starts at like 740 and ramps up to like 1800. base range is 67k with 3 faction tracking enhancers. Not sure why as I was not getting a link but in fleet yesterday boosts somehow increased my range to 79k though we had a snowflake scout in a claymore giving us other boosts before going in sites, not sure if somehow that was causing it.
  12. Booster fits

    Checking is just one part of it. But the booster ship is a sandbag on grid, it doesn't do anything aside from provide boosts. It is the perfect vessel for an FC, gives them time to tag/call waves, watch the fleet, check the waitlist for new x ups, work with new pilots all while not detracting from fleet if they were in a battleship. Unlike the offgrid days where the Machariel was the least involved battleship and most common to find FC's in. Very rarely will you find a FC not in a booster ship while FCing. Training FC's are more commonly found with someone else boosting as they may not yet have the required skills but that person 99% of the time is also going to be the full commander who is overseeing them at the time.
  13. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Short term memory loss? you were playing eve like 4 months ago, you were even a training FC again.
  14. Returning from a long break

    Both drone bunny roles(we now have DDD for lights and frigs and HHH for mediums/heavies for cruisers and last tagged battleships) can be done with a Vindicator which is why the Loki was removed.
  15. Brok's Tried & Tested Potato. Dominix T1 fit.

    Any sub optimal ship is entry level and the pilots are expected to be low skilled with the exclusion of marauders and other pirate faction ships, those are for people who are special snowflakes, if you are a high skilled pilot we don't expect you to be optimizing a sub optimal ship. The only reason we accept other ships is because we are an inclusive community who is looking to let people transition into incursions. Most people who come to fly with us may not have 2 battleship skills trained and probably don't have a vindi/mach/NM just sitting around they can bring. For some people a 500m hull is a big investment they may not want to dump right away into something they don't know if they will like or not.