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  1. Booster fits

    Checking is just one part of it. But the booster ship is a sandbag on grid, it doesn't do anything aside from provide boosts. It is the perfect vessel for an FC, gives them time to tag/call waves, watch the fleet, check the waitlist for new x ups, work with new pilots all while not detracting from fleet if they were in a battleship. Unlike the offgrid days where the Machariel was the least involved battleship and most common to find FC's in. Very rarely will you find a FC not in a booster ship while FCing. Training FC's are more commonly found with someone else boosting as they may not yet have the required skills but that person 99% of the time is also going to be the full commander who is overseeing them at the time.
  2. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Short term memory loss? you were playing eve like 4 months ago, you were even a training FC again.
  3. Returning from a long break

    Both drone bunny roles(we now have DDD for lights and frigs and HHH for mediums/heavies for cruisers and last tagged battleships) can be done with a Vindicator which is why the Loki was removed.
  4. Brok's Tried & Tested Potato. Dominix T1 fit.

    Any sub optimal ship is entry level and the pilots are expected to be low skilled with the exclusion of marauders and other pirate faction ships, those are for people who are special snowflakes, if you are a high skilled pilot we don't expect you to be optimizing a sub optimal ship. The only reason we accept other ships is because we are an inclusive community who is looking to let people transition into incursions. Most people who come to fly with us may not have 2 battleship skills trained and probably don't have a vindi/mach/NM just sitting around they can bring. For some people a 500m hull is a big investment they may not want to dump right away into something they don't know if they will like or not.
  5. Brok's Tried & Tested Potato. Dominix T1 fit.

    Look at our fitting website. Basically the same fit but we swapped 1 mag stab for a PDS. This helps with fitting because without it you need advanced weapon upgrades V to fit it, it also helps with capacitor. And lastly we opted for a faction mwd to further help with cap stability.
  6. Low Sec Incursion

    We are a newbro community, there would be to much of a safety issue trying to run new bro's in low sec. There are other low sec groups, but they typically don't run capitals. Only time I really know of capitals in incursions are in Nullsec where you have the safety of your alliance.
  7. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    It's not a matter of skills all of our secondary booster pilots in command core have fc3 or higher. The problem is that the job of the drone bunny requires a hard hitting ship with webs. Neither of the secondary boosters hit hard or have webs due to fitting restrictions and medium guns. The way they are build is to contribute to dps with boosts and tower bashes to the best of their ability.
  8. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    Yea sorry I see what you mean. Basically the problem is the rig causing the increase in the pg needs. The theory behind our fits are we want to get as much utility as possible and a reactor control unit doesn't add utility, just fitting ability. So our fits are designed around expecting pilots to have Advanced Weapon Upgrades and Projectile Weapon rigging to 4 before switching to a projectile weapon rig which leaves a low slot for the tracking enhancer not a second reactor control unit. As those two skills to 4 is only about a week train time.
  9. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    Kfrost none of our mach fits use 2 reactor control units, only very low skills would require 1 reactor control unit. Unless you are talking about a Power Diagnostic System which has less powegrid bonus then a reactor control unit. Weapon upgrades decreases cpu need not power grid, you would need to train advanced weapon upgrades to reduce powergrid requirements or if you are running a damage rig that increases powergrid needs, you would need to train projectile weapon rigging to decrease the drawback. The other option is Genolution core implants or a 6th slot powergrid implant. Or if you are running a burst aerator rig, drop it for a locus or metasis for less calibration and add a powergrid rig(that's if you have dual pith a or pith b type tank modules to hit the tank requirements otherwise you need the passive therm rig and cdfe's)