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  1. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    I can personally relate to the above comment well. I have been playing for a little over a year, with most of my experience in running with large fleets or small gangs in null. However, my ambition has grown to a point where I would like to participate in the more difficult aspects of PVE. From this feeling I see in my self, I think it is safe to assume that many others feel the same way. Especially those in the newbro end of things. Newer players have less of the inherent habits (good or bad) which makes them more malleable when it comes to fleet tactics and understanding. They are also, generally speaking, less connected or obligated to any one thing in the game; which makes them a perfect match for good marketing / recruiting. I say all of this, because I too am a new(ish)bro with hopes of finding dang good content along with a good flow of isk so that I can better explore the higher end EVE. Along with all of this, I have never actually run an incursion before, but because of intra-alliance talk and suggestions, I have been influenced to join in on the fun. I am looking for those that can provide a solid display of good management and leadership that is calm and collected (as well as inclusive). That is why I think that this notion of increasing your potential pilot base is key to improving efficiency. Along with this is also a willingness to invest in those new incursion pilots (such as myself) in order to make something like this a successful operation. To continue using myself as an example, I personally am excited to go through the trials of learning under the guide of experienced pilots such as yourselves, to then pass on this knowledge to other pilots extending the potential pilot base in ways that I can as well. I look forward to joining up and increasing said efficiency