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  1. Logi School

    Hello Pilots of WTM, Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Logi school at 18:00 eve time on 10/28/2017! You will learn the basics for what it takes to run in a logi ship and be Savour of fleets! All people will be welcome, New and old, especially if your looking to join the Logi branch. Bring a logi ship if you have it! IF you dont have one that will be perfectly fine. Hope to see you there!
  2. Possible additional too;

    i concure with the above stated, usually you wont know what you need in fleet till people leave fleet, as helpful as a tool might be, it would be more work then necessary. no matter what you will always be able to make isk and have fun though.
  3. Question about shield resistance requirements.

    As much as id love to see many more people joining the community, even as alpha's i have to agree with Izumi, It'll be very difficult to determine what a viable fit for alpha's would be until we know What skills alphas will actually be able to train, not to mention alphas are still limited to 5.5mill Sp unless you omega for a bit, then retaining the skills you acquired in Omega when you go back to alpha. In my experience though, once you can go Omega, you can play to play easily for 15hrs of incursion time over the course of 30days.
  4. other games???

    i Have Avorion, pretty good game, i cant seem to get into it solo though
  5. Entry-Level Logi - "Logistics" Skill is Zero

    I will agree that having a "Step Stone" logi ship would be great in this day and age where we have alpha clones that can only fly up to cruisers, but obviously there is a lot that would have to go into the fittings and the effective implementation of these ships into the fleet, none of which at this point i would remotely know how to accomplish. At best what has to be a MUST with this is the cap chain ability, a the cap chain has to be stable with both the basi and ospreys, which theoretically is possible but would it be worth it. again i would love to see this though, maybe with time and research it can be done.
  6. other games???

    I love Age of Empire 2, im glad that there is people in this world who actually play it
  7. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    In my opinion, reading though each of the reply's here, i see a lot of things that are valid was/ suggestions that would go in a good step to improving efficiency, from limiting ships, to entering and exiting sites, to eliminating the tagged targets quickly. What i find personally to be the best way to have a fleet being efficient, is having the max numbers we need for fleet. More people is more damage, obviously, and that raises the point that you cant always have people online all the time because "real life" is a thing, but what if our pool of people was larger then their is a better chance of having more people in fleet at most times of the day. So my suggestion to gain more efficiency in fleet is actually a suggestion for more propaganda so spread WTM's renown to more people in the eve community looking to run incursions. For example; I'm a new player looking to get into incursions because my friend said they are pretty good for starting out, but i don't really know eve's mechanics that well so i don't know how to find incursion groups. I'm sitting in station, spinning my ship; as most of us do, and im watching the ads in station, and i see ads for all kinds of things, including the incursions i'm looking to do, then i immediately go to whoever i saw to get started. +1 person in that pool. if we can be the first group they hear about were sure to get more numbers, and more efficiency, more isk for everyone. The more the new people run the more they will upgrade their ships, and they'll stick around could the WTM community is best community. Now i don't know if this has been a thing gone for in the past, if it has then maybe its time to try again, if not, i don't see how it could hurt. otherwise keep shooting out ideas for better efficiency, and we can keep moving down the road of progress!