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  1. 12 hours ago, ahduth said:

    Hi all,

    Didn't know if this was the general newbie incursion thread, but... I am looking to give incursions a try. I've never done one, and more generally, have never done big fleet logi, only small gang stuff here and there. Pieced together the Basi optimal loadout, and I have Logi V, although not Cap Emissions V. Don't have any relevant implants, although I'd be open to looking into them.

    Are there ever "practice runs" for Basilisk logi? Really just interested in making sure I've got everything in place and feeling somewhat straightforward.


    Hi! :)

    This is not really a general topic, but i just tend to answer these kind of stuffs anyway :P
    Cap Emission V is really nice to have, please train into it, if you can. But not an absolute must have.
    You are looking for  a specific number in a WTM Basi level 5.
    After simulating your fit, with everything turned on, you wanna look at your "Excess Capacitor Recharge Rate" , the little triangle at the top right side in the capacitor section (also called as a "delta"). If that number is at -64.8 GJ/s or better (like -62 or -60 , or so on) , then you are good to go. Its a nice thing to work on that, for example with some cap skills, or navigation skills.

    There are some logi schools here and there, held by our Residents and Logi Masters, if you want to attend, just look out for them, they are announced in the forum, on the waitlist, or in the "Warpto-Logi" mailing list in EVE.

    By the way you were doing great today as a newbro basi pilot. I was really happy to fly with you. I think you are the kind of pilot that makes Logi Masters want to teach people how to logi :)

    So good job.

  2. 2 hours ago, nawor100 said:

    Hello WTM

    i have been about a while looked at the forums  and it has got me interested.

    .... i can fly the standard BS rokk with skills at mainly at 5  (blasters at 4) and have fitted the t2 modules except the Fract/officer fit ones coz the expense (not got the isk).  i can fly LOGI and a scrim just dont have the level 5  skills for the t2 boosters and  t2 drones.

    i dont have the BS  skills for any sniper and  nice DPS ships    reason why im flying a rokk .... its got me through some rough times in eve

    need to change my rigs in the next few days hopefuly will get online to play

    would like to learn and have some fun

    happy to submit API where required





    PS sorry i am omega clone


    Flying with WTM does not require any API or skillcheck currently.

    Most of the modules need to be at least t2, but you can use meta4 blasters on a Rokh, as minimum requirement, however you need faction ammo for it.

    For more info and more possible fits/ships read the fitting page:

    There are some general rules stated above of the actual fits too.

  3. Simplest way to answer is : show me your fit, and i'll tell you. :)

    Hype tends to have a bit under 100k EHP, which is usually fine, but i dont want to flat out tell you that your fit is okay, until i havent seen it.

  4. As Charlie said , Battleships dont really need to carry Nanites. Its nice, if you have some, but not a must have.

    About ammo: it really depends on how much you want to play in one go. If you are not sure about playing a lot, or you just want to try out how it goes, 10k is fine.

    My recommendation would be: just fill up your cargo hold until its full :)

  5. 7 hours ago, grinch said:

    Hi all - a couple of question on these skill plans as I am hoping to get into incursions with you guys at some point soon-ish.

    1. In both the Minimum & Optimal Mach plans, Minmatar BS and Gallente BS are only shown at lvl I - is this right? Especially as your Mael stepping stone plan has Minnie BS at 3.

    2. Drone Sharpshooting is shown as required/suggested to be trained to 4. Given all the relevant Mach fits use Light/Medium drones is this necessary? Or does it affect Light Armor Maintenance drones in some way? (I've always thought that skill was for Sentries really, please correct me if I've got that wrong)

    Thank you to the author of the skill plan guide as it is very useful. I know they are suggested plans. Just want to make sure I am training what is wanted and understand it properly.

    Interesting stuff.

    Battleship levels for Machariel are really useful cuz you gain paper and applied DPS. However you can already use your Mach on BS 1. And the "only" disadvantage is shown in your dps.

    As for Drone Sharpshooting im going to be honest. I have no idea, why is that there. After some thinking i still only have 1 really almost irrelevant reasoning: If your drones shoot from more range, they orbit with more speed and they might be less vulnerable. Yeah... scratch this one. Orbit range doesnt change as i've been told :o)

    Maybe back then, when this guide was written there were other circumstances also.


  6. Hey folks.

    There will be a logi school on October 27th (next friday), held by some guy with questionable english skills. :)
    It will start at 15:00 EvE time.

    It is designed for newbros and pilots who want to learn more about how to logi or for anyone curious how a logi operates in WTM.

    Basically everyone is welcome!

    If you have some kind of logi ship (not an absolute necessity), bring it with you! 


  7. I am actually really looking forward to this.

    Curious if there will be any possibility for some kind of minimum fit for alphas...

    But it will take some time to determine that for sure.

    if worst case scenario hits, and still cant do it with alphas, i'd advise to just get 1 plex somehow (loan, mine, realmoney, etc.) to begin with, train into some minimum fit like literally in no time, then get into WTM fleets! After that you can farm out any kind of ISK you want for future plexs , paying back the loan , and anything else you want. Its just a matter of willing, really.

    In any case chin up and stay tuned!