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  1. Damage Control II
    Reinforced Bulkheads II
    Reinforced Bulkheads II

    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Some kind of MWD for the align trick if you dont have a webber alt. If you have a webber alt, more tank, like a T2 EM WARD FIELD.

    Capital Transverse Bulkhead II
    Capital Transverse Bulkhead II
    Capital Transverse Bulkhead II

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Chamile Odunenn said:

    Which do you recommend? Just a set of ascendency slave alphas? 

    Slaves are generally awesome, but WTM is a shield community, so really small actual effect in a WTM fleet.

  3. There is a WTM Nightmare channel in-game, where the suggested implants are listed. Called: "Elm Street".

    Suggested Implants for Nightmare Pilots:






    For the 1-5 slots you can choose some nice sets, such as Genolution / Ascendancy / Snake (etc...) for additional bonuses or if you want to maximize your skill learning process you can just use +5 attribute implants ( "Improved" implants).

  4. In my opinion DDD doesnt really need that many light drones. If you are a Mach you are probably best with just heavy drones. 

    Nightmares could carry around a set of lights and a set of meds (or just 3 heavies) . But i'd say they should always use at least meds, maybe with the exception of TPPH.

  5. So i just wanna put this out there:  a meta4 gun Vindi is already better for incursion purposes than a Napoc. :)

    Its your choice what you wanna fly from the fitting website, but if its only the guns that holds you back from using the "king of highsec incursions", then be aware: 

    You can fly a Vindi with meta4 guns as well :P

    With that said, the t2 guns is a huge upgrade for Vindis. So its very nice that you are going for it.

  6. Welcome to Warp To Me ! 

    Training into a Vindi! Really good choice, thanks for that :)

    Some FCs (like me and my bad english) traditionally butcher names on a daily basis. Sorry about that :D

    As long as you try your best to understand FC commands it should be fine. If you need more help, make sure, you ask for it. It never hurts to ask :P

    See you on grid, butchering sansha! 


  7. Actually you can just establish a bit more advanced capchain, with 2 cap buddies at the same time, if need be.
    Pretty much almost all the cap transfers can be used in some kind of combo if you think about it. Doesnt really matter if you have 1 or 2.

    Nightmare A: 1 cap
    Nightmare B: 1 cap
    Nightmare C: 1 cap
    Nightmare D: 2 caps 
    Nightmare E: 2 caps
    Nightmare F: 2 caps

    First combination:
    A -> B -> C -> A

    Second combination:
    A <-> D <-> B

    Third combination:
    D <-> E <-> F <-> D


    33 minutes ago, Cay Droma said:

    Just to jump in on the post i ran for first time with the fleet last night. When asked to cap buddy was told  i needed 2 transfers but the fitting guide asks to fit only 1 and a tractor beam so should i drop the beam for another cap transfer?  And if i lock up and transfer i take it we are ok and will not get concorded or do we need to be in the same corp to buddy.  TIA


    1 or 2 cap transfers , your choice on a NM. Having tractor beam is only mandatory for Machariels. Its nice to have, but 2 cap transfers are also nice. 
    Depends on players preference.

    Always make sure your safety is set to green, and then you have 0% chance to get concorded. No matter, what you try to do.
    Cap transfers are not considered to be an "agressive" modules anyway.

  9. 6 hours ago, skysurf76 said:

    I've been planning on starting incursions now for a week but I keep putting it off to make sure I have everything set up perfect for when I start.  I only have two things left and I think I'm ready.


    I have read that I will get the TS3 server information when I enter the X-up tool.  Is there anyway I could get the TS server information ahead of time to verify I have it set up correctly?  I'm worried I will have to deal with settings and other various shenanigans when I first join and trying to get TS3 to work will just be one more thing on the pile.


    How do I filter out fleet members from my overview?  I will have access to the fleet members I need through my watch list but I need to be able to see just the enemies when we are fighting.


    Thanks in advance

    Hi :)

    TS3 server is only for fleet members, we try to keep the a address from possible trolls and gankers.
    It will be also listed in the fleetchat MOTD, once you join the fleet.
    Dont worry about it, you will have as much time as you need to set it up.
    However what you can do beforehand: set your TS to push-to-talk (options/capture) , and use a key thats not frequently pushed ( deff not CTRL , for example ).

    Most of the incursioners use custom-made overviews. There are some popular ones floating around and just linked for newbros in Warp To Me Incursions channel, or in fleetchat. If you want, you can just switch to one of those, there are a few quite good, and not even just for incursions tbh. Your choice. 

    At this point i think you are more than ready to just start, and probably one of the most prepared newbros out there. Which i actually like, very much, thank you for that :) You will make your FCs life easier just a little bit.
    So dont worry too much, WTM's basic principle is to be as newbrofriendly as it gets. Our FCs should operate according to that all the time.

  10. Hi.

    You can use this Crystal Cheat Sheet for ammo reference: kzUumye.jpg



    Cap buddy system is always nice with Nightmares. All the Nightmares should use it. WTM does not make it obligatory, because the main policy is to be newbrofriendly, and have fun. However this is really efficient and useful, so really all Nightmares should use a cap chain all the time with other Nightmares.
    It generates cap, by giving out more than using up. This ratio can be improved with the skill of "Capacitor Emission Systems" for your favour.
    When you join fleet, you can usually ask who wants to cap buddy in fleet chat nowadays. There was a designated channel in the past, but it faded away at some point. Some Nightmares like to establish a private convo for cap-buddy purposes.
    Usually you set up the cap chain when you are sitting with your anchor and your cap buddy on the anchor point. A bit hard to cap-buddy while you are burning with 1k speed :)

    Nightmares usually use range scripts in tracking computers, cuz they get high tracking speed bonuses via the hull itself. But you should really rotate it depending on your characters skills, and on the range of the ship(or tower) that you are shooting. Also dont forget about stacking penalties. This is something you will just choose and change several times after you get some experience running incursions. 
    I know a few pretty good NM pilots, and they actually use their TCs differently than others. It can really vary.

    Dont worry about questions, we are here to answer :)

  11. Well you are not taking damage, only if a ship is redboxing you. In which case you should not broadcast inposition.
    Lets say you get yellowboxed by 10 ships. You broadcast for shields. 
    Then 10 yellow turns into 10 redbox.
    Then out of 10 , 9 will turn back to yellow, but 1 is still red. At that point you dont broadcast inposition. Only when the last turns back to yellow, and you have 0 redbox and 10 yellow.
    When all you have is 10 yellowbox instead of reds, you can broadcast inposition, and you wont take damage anymore at that point.
    Yellowbox means : enemy locked you up, but not agressing you.
    Redbox means : enemy is agressing you, using offensive modules, like weapons, or some kind of electronic warfare (target painter, neut, jam, scram, etc).

  12. The red bracket wont go away most of the times. It will turn back to yellow, instead of just disappearing. This means the enemy keeps you locked up, but they are shooting something else.  There are 1 or 2 ships who actually unlocks you after redbox (Yulai for example), but the majority of sansha ships will keep you locked even after they are done shooting you.

  13. 1 hour ago, skysurf76 said:

    I am about to start doing incursions with you guys, and after reading the new player guide I have a question about broadcasts.  It says in the guide that when a Sansha yellow boxes you that it is targeting you and that you are supposed to broadcast for shields.  It goes on to say that when it red boxes, and then yellow boxes you know longer have aggression and should broadcast in position.  So do I broadcast for shield only when a Sansha yellow boxes me the first time?  Is it possible for a Sansha to aggro me once, switch target, and then switch back to me, in which case I should broadcast for shield again?

    I'm spending a butt ton of money on the ship I'll be bringing and I'm worried I'm going to do something wrong and lose it.  Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for the help! :)


    Usually the Sansha dies faster, than you get a 2nd redbox in the same wave. So mostly you are unlikely to get a second redbox.
    Then there is the so called "TCRC" site, where we dont actually kill the majority of the ships. We just shoot a tower, to complete the site. In this site it can happen easily, cuz we dont kill a lot of ships, just the most dangerous ones. Thats why you need to be super awake in this site. Even more than usual.

    Generally it goes like this:
    1st yellowbox: broadcast for shields.
    1st yellowbox -> redbox: logies are repping you
    redbox -> 2nd yellowbox (no redbox remains): broadcast in position
    if the 2nd yellowbox turns into redbox again, then you need to be superquick and broadcast for shields once again (likely only happens in a TCRC)

  14. Welcome back!

    A logibro is always appreciated ^.^ And almost always needed for the fleet.

    And techincally we accept golems too.

    Visit the in game channel : "Warp To Me Incursions" for more info.

  15. You are not busting the bubble. We probably all are aware of how low sec works :)

    Of course in low sec these fits and fleet compositions would not work so well.

    And as Tesso wrote, there are no current plans.

  16. After you get into the fleet, you look at what squad you are in, and there you go basically.

    If you x-d up 2 ships of the same squad, then just ask FC (e.g. Basi or Scimi).

    Advanced tactics: :D
    Sometimes if you are cunning enough, you look at your x-ups before you accept the sent invitation, and see if the FC approved everything, or just 1 of your fits and conclude.
    The last tip is if you are invited as a logi then look up at combat caps and remote TC  links currently in fleet and you can also go by that.

  17. Hmm...

    Interesting stuff. I am not sure, how lowsec incursioning would affect our newbro friendly policy, now even more so than ever cuz of the alpha clones.

    I know an FC from that lowsec group, and she is a pretty cool person actually. But i dont know anyone else from that community.

    All in all in WTM there are almost always a lot of stuff is going on... so from the outside changes might seem to be extremely slow. But we just deal with multiple things at the same time. And it sometimes takes much more time than we would like to. So changes are not so simple for us :D