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  1. Alright. Im gonna write down a couple of single facts. To set things straight here :)

    The Vindi is a better dps ship than the Navy Geddon for incursion purposes. Close range it does way more dps with better application. And im talking about 25 kms or closer at the very least. The Vindi has utility: the webs which is ridiculously decreasing site times, if used properly. Also the Vindi is more cap stable, which is a funny thing to say, cuz they are cap hungry if properly used. Out of 3 HQ sites there are 2 where you are bashing a 9 million EHP tower. That means you need as much paper deeps as you can get. The Navy Geddon has about as much paper deeps as a Hyperion. So thats not really what we are looking for while we are searching for the ultimate HQ doctrine DPS ship.

    There is one single site where you actually need a significant amount of snipers. Thats the NRF. But in that site drones are much less important cuz they are spending their times flying around bouncing from target to target a lot. Which means you are mostly only relying on your guns. The Nightmare as a sniper does a better job than the Navy Geddon. More paper gun dps on long range and twice the tracking, which is actually really important for killing Maras, one of the sansha rats that are main snipers targets.

    You could make an arguement about Navy Geddon having better paper deeps with the huge dronebay than Nightmares, but if you cant actually apply your guns on sniper targets, then i dont think you want to use them instead, lol.

    Im really sorry, but you just simply cant make a case with Navy Geddon better than Vindi for incursions. Cuz its not true.

    Just a sidenote: WTM doesnt allow sentry drones in HQs.

  2. Hey there! 

    Thanks for coming out and helping us, really appreciate it! :)

    As for Imakiwlu, he really likes to make jokes as im sure you noticed, even when he is FCing.

    I believe him saying he is retiring was one of these. :)

    So not to worry. Fly safe, see you in fleet! o7

  3. Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer [20.21 tf CPU, 1.137x DMG, 13.18% ROF] - Its not cheap, mail ingame for price :) SOLD

    Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer [24.15 tf CPU, 1.14x DMG, 12.81% ROF] - Its not cheap, mail ingame for price :) SOLD

  4. Core X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive - 325 mil ISK SOLD

    Core X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive - 325 mil ISK SOLD

    500MN Abyssal Microwarpdrive [Core X, 178.53 GJ, 112.91 tf, 542.5% Velocity, 1505.75 MW, 326.4% Signature] - Its not cheap, mail ingame for price :) SOLD

    500MN Abyssal Microwarpdrive [Core X, 182.56 GJ, 85.6 tf, 556.6% Velocity, 1695.63 MW, 341.3% Signature] - Its not cheap, mail ingame for price :) SOLD


  5. Hey guys.

    I thought i'll just toss here what im about to sell to give a chance to take a look at it before i dump the items. I can create contract anywhere in HS for you.

    Its an Endless Work In Progress of course, hopefully i wont forget to update.

    If you are interested in an item, please contact me via ingame mail!

  6. While optimal hulls only features gunnery skills, if you want to fly a missile boat you can do it. In that case look into the Barghest fit. It is the best possible option WTM accepts. Not the optimal, but i imagine if you have flown with Bombers Bar you have some nice torp skills :)

  7. Hello Gallente Pilot!

    WTM just loves attentive newbros trying to join into WTM fleets! You are indeed in the right place if you want to do some incursions. It is totally fine to join in-game chat for you. Actually it is even recommended. In the MOTD you will find a couple of really useful links for you. The 2 top being probably the Warp To Me Rookie Guide , and the WTM Fitting Website. These will probably answer most of your questions. But you can browse through the MOTD for other stuff too if you feel like it!

    For you (and for most of the newbros honestly) i'd recommend to look at the Hyperion first and try to get into one, it is a fairly cheap starter ship, and maybe you already have some skills for it!

    If you find out that you like incursions after some time and this is a thing you want to do and earned enough ISK, then you can look at the Vindicator and try to switch into it from the Hyperion. It is one of out optimal hulls and a really fun ship to fly.

    Welcome to Warp To Me! :)

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  8. 2 minutes ago, NilesGrey said:

     I think some of your reply got cut off.. either you are referring to base shield hp, or... it's missing a digit as the stats are 13,500 HP.  I don't want someone to skim the thread see your response and jump to a conclusion.

    Nope. Nothing was cut off.

  9. Shield Capacity    3 500 HP.
    Medium Power Slots    4

    Yes. Please. Bring this ship to a newbrofriendly shield incursion community where not even the linepilots, but the logies and sometimes the FCs are newbros too. Best idea of this year.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Maximus Atreide said:

    Not sure why as I was not getting a link but in fleet yesterday boosts somehow increased my range to 79k though we had a snowflake scout in a claymore giving us other boosts before going in sites, not sure if somehow that was causing it.

    Several people noticed a strange glitch recently where you get more range and tracking without a reason (probably just a display bug). Its a CCPLZ thing.

  11. 51 minutes ago, Celina Knop said:

    I guess its time to drop the bomb than xD the leshak actually performes only slightly worse than a bling vindi in a nrf and outperformes it in Tpph& Tcrc (total damage dealt during site) tank whise as maximus pointed out it as tanky as a vindi & speed is a non issue since you have a 21km range + you actually are not slower than a vindi ;D just the inertia is big but once it gets going its like a rock rolling down a hill ;P  I jusct couldnt be botherd to actually present the numbers in a nice fasion since 90% of the command core is already against allowing it/ even accepting its small drawback ( has to shoot tags out of order) , so putting the 4h in to compile my numbers didnt seem to be worth it for me ;D if anyone wants to do it pm me, i got logs & stats comparing it to niki & Jdread in a vindi both shooting tags in order & shooting tags optimised ;D

    Heh i can remember my logs compared to you, which you never posted. And i can remember smashing your performance :P

  12. 3 hours ago, Ezra Endashi said:

    How exactly this Q positioning works? I found out yesterday that this kind of feature exist in game. And what's the point of range circle and the number? Number showing km range when ship will stop or?

    The number is the kilometers, yes.
    Its a 3D positioning . You hold down Q , then first click will designate your horizontal movement in 2 Dimension.
    After the first click you can adjust your "altitude". You can elevate or lower your ship in the third dimension.
    The second click will fix your final position in space.

    If you want to just move in 2D (for example when you are aligning down an acceleration gate, you just hold Q , then draw the distance, and quickly doubleclick in space (no altitude change).

  13. Yeah well i dont mind this, honestly proactivity is always good.
    Basis should be always proactively capping.
    With that said, there are other ways to being pro active (for example always prio the hypes and rokhs, or the good vindies you watch burning out like madmen to far away targets, like they are supposed to etcetc.).

    But like Niles already said: we are newbro community.
    So expect ppl needing cap, thats actually unusual. For example Maelstorms/Rattles in a TPPH, or honestly any really newbro pilots with bad skills in a TPPH.
    Other typical example is : when a Nightmare doesnt know they are supposed to cap chain with each other , or just can not actually find a cap buddy even if they are trying.

    And yes. Outuni targets are always 1st on your list, combatcap users, please keep it in mind.

    In any case. Proactivity is always good. Be it collective, or individual. Just be smart about it.