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  1. Ya thats true, you need to burn around and "ninjasalvage" without moving the yellow wrecks.

    Wont be invited to fleet but as i said you can bookmark and tag beacons for yourself. when the tagged beacon is gone, that means the site is over and you can enter to salvage. Again only true for TPPH and NRF. My recommendation is to not try to salvage TCRC at all. You could be a bit more greedy with some experience under your belt when you get to know sites.

  2. TPPH and NRF are easy to salvage. You can just bookmark and when there is no beacon anymore at the acceleration gate you will know the site doesnt have any sansha rats.

    I would simply not recommend to try to salvage TCRC sites, just cuz you would have to wait a lot for the leftover sansha to despawn after the site and it only has 7 battleship and some frigate wrecks anyway, so high risk low reward.

  3. Hmm... I kinda disagree. Usually with a not-so-rookie pilot its probably true.
    But with the tons of newbro's WTM has it might be actually faster to try to follow an FC broadcast warpto.
    As for me if im the FC i'd def throw up a broadcast warpto really quickly. Probably wouldnt hurt at all as the experienced pilots would just warp out faster if they can to somewhere else.

  4. Im not sure where you guys got your info. But pure sansha kill just got a 100% loot drop. Dont speculate too hard guys. Its just that simple: everything drops if you blow up. No matter PvE or PvP.

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  5. "which site is this?... so who do i start to orbit?... AAA? booster? errm i have no idea..."

    So yeah SOP is important. For rookies/newbros. Better not confuse them even more for the most dangerous site.

    If you are a big enough boy you can decide which one to orbit yourself. In TCRC there is actually little to no difference between a non-webbed AAA and a booster. If you are running standard WTM logi numbers, and not logi-light edgy numbers that is. The booster and the AAA is usually ending up sitting like 10 kms from each other. So it is really not that big of a deal which one you orbit after things calmed down and everybody is just shooting the tower.

    The big deal is upon entrance if AAA is heavily webbed it just cannot make it to the anchor spot. Thats when you want logies to be in range of everything. Hence orbiting the booster.

    P.S.: haha love that someone actually noticed the armor boost :) that makes you the 2nd person ^-^ 

  6. So there are a few things i dont completely agree in this. 

    But only 1 thats worth mentioning. The rest is meh.

    WS-618 is just a too good implant even on its own without ascendencies. Always better than EO-606.

  7. On 5/18/2019 at 2:49 AM, niki lasvegas said:

    When Praxis was released WTM commanders thought about implementing it, or not.

    The debate ended with a negatory.

    Im sorry, but WTM does not allow Praxis in its fleets.


  8. Sansha Ships:
    If you are closer than 10 km of your target reload to (Faction) Antimatter.
    If you are farther than 15 km on your target reload to (Faction) Tungsten.
    If it's in between 10 and 15 km dont bother to reload, just shoot with whatever you have already loaded.

    Always use your highest DPS ammo, and just headbutt the tower! In your case it is the (Faction) Antimatter.

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  9. Ehh... the sad fact is that with CCP screwing us with this 1 spawn BS kitchensink HQ fleets are kinda just not an option. The system is almost always crowded with multiple fleets, competing each other for better sites, or heck, just for simply a site. In this cut-throat enviroment it matters more and more, how optimal the fleetcomp is.

    If you want to write a letter, write it for CCP.