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  1. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    Yeh, didn't know when I did the ship build, I just went for optimal straight away, all good now anyway
  2. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    Hm, I used to run 2 faction reactor controls units (not power diag) to be able to fit my t2 guns (with burst aerator rig), before I finished advanced weapon upgrades 4 and projectile weapon rigging 4, now I can use just 1 reactor control unit, strange
  3. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    Good thing I just finished training weapon upgrades and I can use t2 guns with just 1 reactor control, what's gonna happen to ppl that can't fit t2 guns with just 1 reactor tho'? they gonna have to drop a gyro?
  4. I get my bombers blown in solo roam attempts, then I come back to make more isk for more bombers
  5. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Well, the DPS crash courses would take time and I'm not sure many people would take them, even tho' most newbros (including me) have no idea what they're doing when they 1st join. It took me a couple days to get comfortable with running incursions, and now flying DPS is second nature and I really like DDD-ing. But then again my motivation is that I wanna be good at what I do, and not just blindly make isk off the backs of others, so I always learn what others are doing, what the FC is doing, just so I know what to do if I'm given a role or just so I don't have to wait for the VVV to show me where my anchoring is and just so I don't have to wait for tags to know that I gotta shoot Arnons before the Outuni or Deltoles and Intakis before Osties I really want to learn, and it motivates me to spend my isk on a better ship, fit and skills, but for some people it doesn't work that way, they just sit there and follow tags and just do what they're told, put in the minimal amount of effort, and as long as they get payout they don't give a damn, and I'm pretty sure that if they do that, they aren't chasing after Osties either. That's why I thought maybe the restrictions would be a good idea, I thought them to be some sort motivation for the people that don't really wanna get involved much, but still wanna run incursions. About the youtube videos, sure, those aren't too much of a pain to make, adding a couple vids to the guides would probably help, many people rather sit there and watch a video than read a wall a text about what to do, especially for roles; as for the events, I don't know about that, I think most of the people that would join are the ones that are already veterans in WTM, and unless it's something like "Low-Sec Incursions Day" to make others curious about it, I'm not sure they're worth it All in all, I'm fine with WTM the way it is anyway, I just figured some easy changes here and there could improve efficiency, but it's not a big deal. I fly WTM coz of the cool people, if I was desperate for isk I'd join TVP, but I can't stand them, so I'd rather not, lol See ya in fleet, KFrost
  6. Hey guys, I've been thinking, what if we could be a little more efficient aka run sites faster? At this point the only reason I can see for WTM being a bit less efficient than, say TVP for example, is because of the ships that get accepted. Now I'm not saying not to accept newbros and sub-optimal anymore, I'm just saying that maybe the number of sub-optimal fits accepted in fleet should be a little lower, that way those with optimal ships will have priority over the sub optimals, and also newbros/sub optimal will still be able to join, make isk and be motivated to upgrade faster. Imo this way people will have to upgrade their ship faster, since no other fleet will accept them either if they don't, and our fleets will be more isk efficient. So the way I'd go about it is, set a minimum number of optimal ships to be accepted in fleet, ahead of starter/sub optimal, and then fill the rest of the spots with starter/sub. I'm sure command can figure out what the numbers should be since you have plenty of experience. I'm only suggesting this coz I really like the WTM community and I'd like to see that the good job the FCs are doing gets rewarded with more isk/h, and I'd also like to see WTM be able to be more successful against other fleets that are more exigent about what fit they accept, therefore having the advantage over us most of the times. Regards, KFrost