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  1. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    Ok... Ty All :3 I'll try every night, get involved ^^
  2. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    Okay ... I'll use Nightmare :( Thank you all, the answers ^^ really, thank you I use google translator ... so sorry for anything Saw S2 More about TS I understand FC: 3
  3. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    (snif, snif) ok... I would use this setting https://o.smium.org/loadout/149136 Cheaper than the nightmare muhararararara :3 Thanks for the reply, within 7h ... I'll call EVE o7
  4. Hello good night / morning / early morning / day/bla bla bla... This will be my first time in incursion ... so ... I'm curious about the incursions, and would like to learn more... I am willing to buy and fiting for a nest or a nightmare, but I did not find FIT any of nestor, I wonder if I could watch using a Nestor, or ... I should use the nightmare, I really like nestor by the way :3 But ... if forced, and inevitable, indispensable, irreplaceable, irrefutable, undeniable the use of nightmare I will understand (snif...snif...[Sad Face]) Leaving, the joke aside ... I wonder if I can mount a Nestor for the incursion, or if I should go even Nightmare... Att: Nyxmiuson VerssusAll