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    Your Talking in Stations interview is what brought me here man and I'm happy to report 0% false advertisement ppl have been so helpful and welcoming here and on chat I'm having the same vibe I had when I first started Eve. I got my stuff to the Eust station, can't wait to xup for the first time.
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    @StevanatorSo in order to get in the first step is probably to read our rookie guide in this forum. this should explain the basic things to do and stuff after that you basically travel to the incursion headquarter system and when youre there and have time you can xup on our waitlist which is linked in this forum too and then youre good and just need to wait for an empty spot in the fleet to get invited. so in your terms they are "community events" and we aim to have an uptime for 24/7 as long as the incursion focuses are up
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    Hello Stevanator! Most folks start in a Hyperion, good place to get into incursions. Getting in: At the top of this browser window, next to Forums, is 'Waitlist'. Clicking that takes you to the waitlist, which is what you use to get into fleets, when there is one running (which is the majority of the time). Next to waitlist is 'Fits'. Check out Hyperion in fits, and get a Hyperion fitted that way to the current HQ system, which is Todrir (just moved here, so good for a few days, up to a week). Then 'X Up' on the waitlist, and when there is room in the fleet, the FC will get you an invite and a newbro speech. There is not a singular Corp - rather, join the "Warp To Me Incursions" channel - mentioned in the Rookie Guide. When fleets are getting started it will generally be announced there. Or, watch the waitlist site. Also a good place for incursion questions!
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    Regarding moving (like from focus to a market hub, or from the last focus to the next focus), look for me (MDD Teller and MDD Feynman) in the WTM Incursions channel. I frequently have better travel routes than what autopilot offers. And these become increasingly more important the more expensive your ship becomes.
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    I recommend looking up the character "Dragon Hemah"... his bio has most of the common incursion overviews embedded in it. Try a couple, see what you like. Personally I use a version of the "Canyon Red/Gold" with additional tabs for FC stuff.
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    You may find most of these resources by asking in our Warp To Me Incursions in game channel. I'm you will receive a lot of different ones to try out to your liking
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    There is also a WTM Discord. Check it out if you want. I would recommend to do so because fleet pings on it help to figure out whats happening currently. The link is in the game channel MOTD that was mentioned above or just simply find it top of this page