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    I mean the only problem i had with the 5 link scimi is to get through tpph room 1 and 2 :grin:
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    I actually disagree with that Imelda. Before marauders when you actually had to kill almost all the frigs as DDD Vindi i was playing around it a lot. And the 4th link definitely helped. I will even say that even the 5th link helped. You could just simply feel the difference, when you are used to shooting frigs. Cant really explain it better than that. On the other hand i am not sure how many frigs you need to actually shoot as a DDD nowadays mainly because of marauders (?) ...
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    I was working on backstage on Scimi 5 , Basicly , with the nestors refit we have most of the time : - Scimi AB on TPPH 4 links - Scimi 5 links NRF - Scimi 5 links TCRC