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    First and foremost; thank you for posting this. WTM has always welcome new people, new ideas on how to improve the fleet further. After going through these fits, it does meets the tank requirement for scimi and as such they could get accepted into fleet. As a dedicated logi pilot like myself with all the skills and implants I can fly the above mentioned fits with 4 reps stable and I will definitely recommend that to experienced pilots. However for a new pilot who just upgraded from Logi IV to V; he/she are lacking skills and with the above linked fits and are pretty much not 3 rep stable unless they buy implants to mitigate their lack of skills. Some pointers I will add regarding those fits u linked above; For the dcu scimi; the addition of dcu buffs ur ehp from 13k to 17k ehp. In TCRCs, scimi are flying coffins and while under sustained dps pressure; the dcu could save a scimi but in an event of a hard switch (alpha) the scimi tank is paper thin and will get popped easily. The addition of faction dcu will buff the ehp to 17.5k ehp but then your spending too much isk for so little gains. Personally I like this fit better in light of the resist nerf and maybe commanders might want to chip in their thoughts with regards to this fit? For the sig amp scimi however to get 12 locks you will need to get advanced target management V to use them. Otherwise you would have wasted that slot in terms of locking more targets