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  2. Scimitar Upgrades

    I've talked about this with Conarion and Izumi and while it is not official yet most likely DCU+Single T2 Multi Hardener scimi fit will be reinstalled at some point. Soon™
  3. Scimitar Upgrades

    The reason this happens is that Deltoles have TARGET PAINTERS. So, if a Scimitar gets the initial switch in TCRC, it gets webbed by Schmaeels and Renyns and painted by five Deltoles, and then either the Ostingeles or Yulais pile on and *apply* damage. Its speed and sig tank are both *totally* cancelled, and even with a thousand reps on it goes 100% shield, 95% hull, 100% shield, gone. It happens the same way to Scimi's with two T2 invulns and DCU -- maybe the second step has 5% armor-- so the DCU doesn't fix it. You get a similar thing in the Overwhelmed Civilian Facility assault site, because it sometimes coughs up a wave with four Deltoles. Command corps has been having this discussion for at least five years. The suggestion that keeps coming up is to add a large shield extender for buffer, but Scimi has major powergrid problems already and the LSE also causes the sig radius to go up so it messes with the sig tank! Really, there's no perfect solution, and ... we keep logs. It turns out Scimitars don't actually die that much. They're random-number tanked, but the dice rolls are in our favor.
  4. Scimitar Upgrades

    Sig amp is a quality of life improvement for logi pilots more than anything. I like dcu on influence fits and my snowflake ones too. Most of a scimitar's tank is in its tiny sig and higher base speed. It's biggest drawback is it's lack of buffer. Avoiding aggro is its best defense, but a dcu can be a nice touch if unavoidable (like high influence). There are some niche fits that combine dcu and pds for a more tanky setup, but the drawback being cap stability. Scimitar's in general are some of my favourite ships to fly
  5. Scimitar Upgrades

    Basi pilot here, I've never flown a Scimy in incursion but I often repair them. About the Sigamp, I have one on my Basi, and while the 12 locks are good comfort, I rarely need them, and when I do it has more to do with tons of cap broadcasts than anything else. I rarely have more than 6 shield broadcasts locked at once, so a Scimy with 8 locks for shield broadcasts (10-2 for links IIRC, feel free to correct me on that) is more than enough, adding 2, while pleasant for the pilot I admit, won't affect fleet safety at all. About the DCU, I highly encourage that to become the default fit as soon as possible. Common misconception is Scimies explode due to Alpha, not true in my experience. When alpha happens generally the ship is not completely webbed yet, allowing it to evade a good part of the damage, giving plenty of time for other logis to get lock and reps up. I have seen 2 Scimies die in TCRCs in 2 weeks, and that was only due to sustained agro and webs. Every volley was taking out 100% shield, and 20 to 40% of armor. Despite other Scimies and Leshaks best efforts with armor reps (which gave at least 3 extra volleys of lifetime, not negligible), both Scimies dipped lower and lower into armor and hull to end up exploding. (Before you ask, their shield was back up to 100% after every volley, there was nothing more that could be done with shield reps, and that was pretty frustrating ...) A DCU would have prevented that by adding some more resists on every layers, meaning more buffer, and most importantly more effective armor and hull reps, allowing these Scimies to survive longer, until agro switches eventually.
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  7. Would you like to get teamspeak badges? Would you like to do insane DPS? Are you tired of not standing out? UP YOUR GAME TODAY! All the below items can be delivered to any NPC station of your liking Private message, mail or respond to this post! Leshak: Vindicator: General Stuff:
  8. Selling Upwell Structures

    are they still for sale
  9. Don't tell me what to do. /s Thanks mate, that is true.
  10. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    Dont excuse yourself for something you are doing voluntary.
  11. Unfortunately I won't be able to put things up at the dockup until this evening or even tomorrow for this Focus. Excuse me for the delay.
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  13. WTS(or trade) Entry Hyperion to upgrade to Entry Vindicator

    Thank you Xoceac. Contract has been made.
  14. Assistance Joining In-Game Channel

    Thanks, looking forward to flying with you guys!
  15. I will buy it fully fitted for a little over Jita price. Contract it to me, Xoceac.
  16. Assistance Joining In-Game Channel

    Added to Whitelist
  17. WTS or trade first ship (Entry Hyperion fitted) to upgrade to Vindicator hull for incursion as suggested. Willing to sell with or without mods, or will trade to Vindicator hull for reasonable cost. 2 days old, be kind. Thanks
  18. Assistance Joining In-Game Channel

    Hi there, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am currently unable to join the "Warp To Me Incursions" in-game channel. The game keeps telling me the channel is unavailable to me. Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated. My character name is the same as my forum handle: Laytah Bische. Thanks a bunch.
  19. Proposed pulse mare positions

    AAA isn't a command role, its just an anchor, most experienced people are anchoring themselves. Listen to your FC first always, but AAA should be worrying about themselves, if someone is harassing you like this again, let FC or another commander know.
  20. Proposed pulse mare positions

    I'm glad we're in agreement, but I still want to push to include some footnote or update to the Anchor guide that this is acceptable. Just last night, I got into a disagreement with the AAA when he started going off on why I wasn't anchored on him exactly but I was off to the side. In addition, when I requested to be paired with another pulse nightmare, he purposely paired me with a beam nightmare. When I asked why, he pointed at the anchor guide and told me I had no choice but to anchor on him and him only. When I pointed out that the AAA position was mostly for logi, he started threatening to tell the FC that I was disobedient and not listening to the AAA. Until some formalized update goes to the various guides, there's no reason why the above behavior isn't repeated over and over again in every fleet I join when all I want to do is to increase the DPS output of my fellow snipers.
  21. Proposed pulse mare positions

    I used to say and still sometimes do it when i have time : "keep at range 5000 meters until you get familiar with sites and know better than that". As long as you are in range of logi optimal and sansha is ~at your best ammo optimal, you should be good tbh.
  22. Proposed pulse mare positions

    Thanks for the confirmation. Currently, the only information that nightmares get when they join is that they have to anchor on the AAA. It would be nice to update the information in the guides to let the other nightmares know about these other optimal positions. Based on the normalized DPS equations provided by Eve University, just getting 10km closer to the target can get us an increase of 20-30% improved DPS! This increase is fairly significant and the proposed update seems like it would be a low hanging fruit in improving overall fleet damage output.
  23. Selling Upwell Structures

    I would be interested in buying one from you, if they are available still.
  24. Abyssals on a budget

    Don't disagree, but if you already have good damage mods and are looking for a budget LSE, it's a thing to check.
  25. Abyssals on a budget

    To be honest i would just make fitting space by cutting highslots on the Leshak. Shield HP or nice damage mods are more important.
  26. mobile depot for sniper?

    You need your A game to pull something like this and not forget even once tho'.
  27. Abyssals on a budget

    Large shield Extenders Alright. Large shield extenders. One of the core modules on a basilisk and Leshak. Unfortunately, good all around LSEs are a bit pricey, which means prioritizing. 1: Pick your priorities. A leshak isn't gaining much from a lower signature radius, while a basilisk might. Some suggested priorities: Leshak First priority is making sure it fits. the shak can totally run out of CPU if you aren't careful or have imperfect fitting skills, especially with budget damage mods where CPU wasn't seen as a major concern. Second is Shield HP Third is the signature radius. Basilisk First priority is signature radius. Avoid an absolute brick on signature or you end up taking enough more incoming DPS that you lose out overall. Second priority is usually HP. You're looking to get more HP in most cases. Third is fitting. Better PG and CPU are needed if you want to try and add a sigamp with no implants and t2/faction highs, rather than the storyline cap transfer. This is going to be the most expensive attempt, since you are ideally looking for all green. With perfect skills, you need to shave 6.4 PG off, meaning you need a base PG of 136 or lower, while shield upgrades 5 needs 127 or lower. (Assuming a standard prop mod with a PG of 50)
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