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  2. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    If you want to do something to change how logi behaves in a TCRC then burn towards the Shield Transfer Array. If logi orbits AAA or booster on entry then some logi will end up going backwards behind the beacon (or at least not burning ahead full speed). This is why I burn towards the STA for 10-20 seconds and then turn around and orbit AAA or booster after I have set my reps. Many fleet calls are not optimal commands but are just dumbed down so that the same kind of ship does the same kind of thing in all the sites. Preloading a TCRC does not increase its danger - it decreases it. In a preloaded TCRC, the aggro is all consolidated on 1 target and fleet comes in 10-15 seconds earlier so that's an additional 10 to 15 seconds you have to get your stuff sorted out before aggro switches. Aggro will not switch to logi unless the rest of the fleet is slow or the logi over reps. If I have a spare account free or a scout I always preload all TCRCs. Preloaded TCRCs are also faster. I don't know anyone in TDF or TVP who ganked anyone.
  3. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    Brok, you can probably tell this is a big ticket item for a lot of FCs and LMs. And everyone seems to have their own "best case scenario" which can be good or bad. At the end of the day, most losses are a composite of a great number of things that go wrong. Some sites go horribly wrong and not because people do or don't know how to run the sites. Standard operating procedures are great and I love them. I don't think you will ever get four fcs on at the same time who will agree how to run the site, even from the same community. Really, the best you can do is all that really matters. This maybe completely full of shit but flying and enjoying the fleet is really what it is all about. If you can find a few fleet that don't completely bore you or don't grind your nerves raw, then the small shit doesn't matter that much.
  4. Leshak Tactics

    Apparently the implant Zainou 'Gnome' Weapon Upgrades WU-1006 doesnt apply on Leshak Guns. Good to know. Credits go to Svarta Madam for telling me.
  5. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    "which site is this?... so who do i start to orbit?... AAA? booster? errm i have no idea..." So yeah SOP is important. For rookies/newbros. Better not confuse them even more for the most dangerous site. If you are a big enough boy you can decide which one to orbit yourself. In TCRC there is actually little to no difference between a non-webbed AAA and a booster. If you are running standard WTM logi numbers, and not logi-light edgy numbers that is. The booster and the AAA is usually ending up sitting like 10 kms from each other. So it is really not that big of a deal which one you orbit after things calmed down and everybody is just shooting the tower. The big deal is upon entrance if AAA is heavily webbed it just cannot make it to the anchor spot. Thats when you want logies to be in range of everything. Hence orbiting the booster. P.S.: haha love that someone actually noticed the armor boost that makes you the 2nd person ^-^
  6. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    I think it is up to the FC to assess the situation on entrance and to make the call to orbit the booster if needed . The intial call for logi's to establish orbit on the AAA , prop mods on , give the AAA what he needs , is needed as this establishes a standard operating procedure for newer bro logi on a TCRC entrance to get used too , they say to themselves , right I know what to do here , once they have done a few entrance's . Why I say it is up to the FC , because where AAA ends up and where the aggro goes , two things the FC should be watching , so this is when the FC will make the call to orbit the booster . It comes down to listen to the FC calls , in regards to pilots range from the logi , if some vindis/leshaks/mtac burn too early , its not the logis fault , but this is up to FC situational awarness to pick this up and falls into the call , logi's orbit the booster . My point is the standard operating procedure , what the logis should be taught from the get go is to orbit the AAA at 10km with prop mod on allways , and to allways listen to the FC .
  7. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    Hi there bud, so we kind of already do that but not all the times. Basically booster is a secondary anchor for logi, AAA is the main anchor for logi. If AAA is webbed to shit on the beacon and deeps are burnin, fcs call the logis to orbit the booster. After AAA is in Pos fcs call the logis to orbit AAA again
  8. Been doing this for a while now, & it has kept me out of trouble. In a TCRC entry if you orbit AAA at the start you may find the Vindi's are out of range at the Tower. Obviously this is pretty dangerous, so... Here is the suggestion. > AAA goes in, & makes the call. > Fleet in. > Logi establish orbits & Cap Chain. Assign Links. Rep AAA. But you are orbiting the Booster. > Keep repping folks. > As the agro consolidates you'll be able to look about a bit more. Once the bumpy initial stage is done. You'll be half way up the Tower approach; everyone is in range as you moved properly; and AAA is either in position on the Tower, or just cruising by you towards the Tower. > Jump your orbit to AAA. That's it, job done. . It's nice & simple. It's one less call for people to make in a sometimes-bumpy TCRC entry ( especially if TDF are preloading them to try & gank us ). Gank? I flew with TDF originally, and they went all TVP ( I got into a right argument about it, & ended up banned ). I then flew with old ISN people for FoB's in High Sec, & ISN were ganky in their day. And then ISN people joined TDF. And now TDF preload TCRC's to increase the danger. Up to the FC's of course, but having one less thing for Logi to worry about ( position ) in a TCRC entry gives us more time to focus on reps. Since I have been doing this I have always been in range of a broadcast. . PS: Loved the EOS on gate giving Armor boosts. More buffer is more buffer #TripleLayerTristan
  9. TLDR Leshak Guide

    How to Leshak: 1. Become a l33t Vindi pilot. 2. Become a l33t Nightmare and Mach pilot. 3. While doing (1) and (2) train Precursor Battleship V and the skills for a Leshak to at least Mastery IV (pref with Gun spec V) 4. Buy a c10 billion isk Leshak with Officer DPS mods or Abyssals better than faction and Aug Drones or Geckos and a Mobile Depot to refit to TE / DDA and SeBo / MWD. Ideally you want an Officer gun too - that will cost another 5 to 10 billion. 5. Fly the ship. You will know what to do because you are already a l33t Sniper and DPS pilot and already know site mechanics, spawns and all the roles and where to go to be of max use.
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  11. Leshak Tactics

    Mid-grade Mimesis implants stats are available now. Seems to be the same reducting in spool-up, just more max dps. Since we've already concluded it takes more than 2 minutes on the same target to out-dps a non-Mimesis Leshak (see my previous post): do NOT buy the implants for incursion running!
  12. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Mimesis mid-grades are on hoboleaks now. Looks like the same -33% ramp-up per implant, so the only thing that would change is the max output after several minutes of shooting. So totally pointless for our purposes. It'll still be 145 seconds to out-dps an un-implanted Leshak.
  13. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Yeah well as i said i dont agree with a few things. But hey you do you! Still better than not having anything o7
  14. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Ty Rogueweapon, I missed out on that portion DPS Lite - Occult Osti backwards Fleet Lite - Outuni > Last Intaki > Osti For TCRC Entrance; that's the vindi way of doing it which I do it sometimes due muscle memory but leshak in tcrc is about burning to tower asap
  15. TLDR Leshak Guide

    With all that (vindi style) burning on niki guide (esp. NRF) that EO-606 do help a tad for me. WS-618 I feel works best together with Ascendancy Set; standalone not effective IMO; I rather focus on in-site efficiency
  16. TLDR Leshak Guide

    As a Logi enthusiast, I like the EO-606. On the Shak though, WS-618 is great, you should not need the cap so much. I am just glad nobody is saying Nomads here.
  17. Incursion Leshak

    I think the Leshak is one of the few ships we fly that is so Armor biased that it has to be 'overtanked' ( a no-no under rules & regs normally ) to get away from being an Armor-bot magnet. Obviously launching Armor bots can mess up the agro, so I think it's important that the 110k ehp level be ok. Swapping out mods? In-site? Yeah, I'll pass. SRP etc. Plus I can't do that that quickly as a pilot. I'm bad at live swaps, always have been. Fly in, make the pew-pews, & try not to explode. That's me. The Leshak reminds me of the Bhaalgorn & Domi Navy for how Armor-biased it is. And the TFI off the top of my head. They have to be slightly over-tanked to avoid Armor-slapping in my experience, so it's worth noting this. Like AAA in a TCRC if you are too squishy it can get a bit embarrassing. And fatal. Like a Mach with Standard Drop being used ( I am now Team Varg in the Mach-Varg debate I have to say ) sometimes you just have to have the extra tank. A Leshak using Standard Drop would be, well, more risk than I would take let's put it that way
  18. TLDR Leshak Guide

    So there are a few things i dont completely agree in this. But only 1 thats worth mentioning. The rest is meh. WS-618 is just a too good implant even on its own without ascendencies. Always better than EO-606.
  19. TLDR Leshak Guide

    4th wave NRF , DPS Lite - go for last tagged otuni then last tagged osti / osti in reverse after that . ?? TCRC entrance 1 cycle towards otuni 2 into occult then burn after tag 1 otuni die ?? Lock AAA for possible armour rep if in range . On tower can lock other leshaks if you have armour reps and rep if needed , Watchlist your fellow leshaks . Just suggestion here , not trying to say better or preferred .
  20. TLDR Leshak Guide

    I agree hence I mentioned holding off the purchasing it until the high-grade set appeared. I should have rephrased it better BTW is there a way to edit the post? I'm been wondering whether there is this function or not?
  21. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Low grade Mimesis only pays off after about 2,5 minutes of shooting. It's NOT good for us. (Mid grade isn't on Pyfa yes, so can't do the math there) Also Shield Slave sets might be in the not-too-distant future, so maybe don't spend billions on a set when you can get a better one in a few months.
  22. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Hi there, you might be wondering why I posting this when niki has a great guide on leshak. When I fly leshak, I usually refer to the guide as I usually fly logi. However the guide can be too wordy for quick references hence this guide. So for those who want the complete guide, click here. If not, let's begin! GENERAL TIPS 1. Use common sense please! 2. Always listen to FC! 3. Leshak is a snowflake 4. Precursor BS V is very important (than Spec V) 5. Always Occult, Mystic when u enter site or burning to anchor spot 6.Ship is all about spooling up aka shoot the ship as long as possible (Exceptions: Spawn Trigger and Outuni) Avoid Spawn Trigger; Primary Outuni 7. Break spool of Mystic if you can get 20 cycles of Occult on targetted ship 8. Need to burn? Just burn as you have cap stability 9. Keep target @ 15km range. >20km, start adjusting position (burn) 10. Always shoot something (preferably cruiser and above) 11. Utility slot not important but if possible armor reppers are good choice provided your not limited by CPU 12. If contested you can overheat your gun continuously 13. Depending on fleet comp, you might have to adjust targets 14. Call out spool targets to prevent leshaks spooling on same target 15. Expect damage aggro especially TCRC so lookout and broadcast on time. You might even save AAA or leshaks if equipped with armor reppers 16. Only possible fleet role for Leshak (Not ideal) is VVV (lack of agility and occasional gun range problem) Site Guide True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH) First Pocket Mystic Outuni, burn to Occult range of Osti (tag 5) Shoot Occult whatever in range while burning to gate Sniper Lite - Replace Outuni with Vylade Fleet Lite - Occult Ountuni > healthiest Osti Second Pocket Mystic first Antem, burn to Occult Osti (tag 4) Burn to Third Gate and shoot whatever is left Sniper Lite - burn to Occult 2nd Antem Super Sniper Lite - Shoot Mara (Stay stationary) Fleet Lite - Mystic Mara, burn to Occult Osti (tag 4) Third Pocket First Wave Mystic last Romi and burn; 2 choices Help HHH - Shoot Romi backwards Shoot Osti (tag 3) - DO NOT SHOOT LAST OSTI Anchor Position - 80km from beacon; 20km from tower Second Wave Occult 2nd Last Osti (Tag 6) > Romi or whatever is left Fleet Lite -Primary Intaki and follow above statement Third Wave Occult last Outuni then one Osti then whatever is left Tower spawned = drone on it = bio break Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First Wave Mystic last Vylade, burn to last Osti and Occult Anchor Position 75km beacon, 45km to right of tower Sniper Lite - Primary Vylade Super Sniper Lite - Shoot Mara (Stay stationary) DPS Lite - Anchor on VVV to shoot Osti next wave Second Wave Occult Yulais even w/o tags Burn to next DPS anchor spot (VVV) DPS Lite - Shoot Osti backwards Third Wave Occult Yulais, then whatever left Start burning to first anchor spot when 3 ships are left Anchor Position 75km beacon, 45km to right of tower Fourth Wave Mystic last Outuni Burn to Yulais but stop at 30km away from AAA (logi range) Mystic Yulais and Occult Osti/Whatever is left True Creations Research Center (TCRC) Mystic last Outuni and start burn to tower Occult tower as soon as possible and keep firing while hugging fellow Vindis and Leshaks Tower 50% hull, lock up tag X (schemael and auga) Tower 20% keep drones and align to broadcast If you do it correct, you will definitely catch damage aggro so on time broadcasting is IMPORTANT to stay alive in TCRC Advanced Tips 1. Leshak requires heavy isk investment so go all out to bling it (Abyssal Sinks, Abyssal LSE, Augmented Ogres) Abyssal Sinks (>1.14x dmg mod, 7% ROF) cost 150-250m each (22.7-23%) Anything higher than 23% you will looking at 500-2b each. Click here for available contracts. Abyssal LSE (>3200HP) cost 200-500m. You need all the shield buffer you can get! Click here for available contracts 2. When contested, you can overheat much easier compared to other ships. TCRC contesting will come down to you managing the overheat on your gun 3. Mobile Depot with Sensor Booster + ECCM Script for anti-jam for TCRC. Swap MWD with sensor booster and swap back when tower at 50% hull. Do it at your own risk Implants 6 EO-606 7 Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer 8 EM-806 9 RF-906 / Pashan's Turret Customization (7% for 5b) Above Implant Set IMO is suitable for pilots that cross-trained in other ships (eg. logi dps sniper) with the choice of slot 1-5 and 10 up to you. If Leshak/Bowhead Pilot, consider High-grade Ascendancy Set for slot 1-5 + WS-618 for slot 6 If pure leshak pilot only, consider Mimesis Implant Set for max dps but longer spool time. However at time of writing I suggest you hold off until high grade set appears. Hope this TLDR Leshak guide helps you as much as it has helped me thus far.
  23. WTS Incursion character

    Maybe someone here is interested in a good pilot for Vindi and Basi?
  24. Something curious

    Yeah. Usually towers respawn. I think its close to 1 hour but more than 30 mins for sure to respawn.
  25. Something curious

    This bit is totally normal for a completed site: It won't despawn until there's no one left on grid. I'm assuming he killed the NPCs, but have no idea about the tower. I'm guessing it respawned at some point because a timer got tripped in the code for the site somewhere?
  26. Something curious

    I just happened to stumble upon a tcrc that had no beacon anymore, but the deadspace pocket was still intact, with acceleration gate. Inside I found no npcs, the tower still at full health, and the rattlesnake guy sitting in a freighter and an empty Probe next to it at the mtac factory. I suppose he was farming mtacs, but how exactly is this possible? Why no npcs, tower still there etc.?
  27. Incursion Leshak

    o/ Svarta, long time no see! Anyway I feel Svarta had a tad too much Redbull in his bloodstream and hence the wall of text Personally i will not swap out TE as personal experience I had reduced volley dmg despite pewpewing stationary towers. However niki leshak guide did mentioned swapping mwd for sensor booster for anti jam which is very important for max spooled dps. Armor reppers in TCRCs are very important for AAA and fellow leshaks. This might determine FC need to do SRP paperwork or not XDXDXD Furthermore it can help repping damage drones at TPPH tower bash. Implant wise I'm not sold with the low grade trigs but it could be an option. I will be waiting for the mid-grade to appear first before deciding.
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